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Trivia= Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. 
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  • Car Color Trivia The color of car a driver chooses reflects their personality and perhaps their favorite color. But the choice of color in a vehicle can be much more important as well. According to a study by researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand silver cars are 50 percent less likely to be involved in a crash resulting in a serious injury as compared to white cars. The least safe colors are brown, black, and green according to Reuters. While, yellow, gray, red and blue cars ranked in the middle range. According to optometrists, red is the most difficult to see color....Read On

  • Culinary Trivia 2  Are you looking for some of the interesting facts about food or culinary? If your answer is yes, then here are some of the most amusing facts you must know. Share these facts and impress your friends. Ice Cream - Ice cream is a Chinese food item. Marco Polo the famous explorer when returned to Italy....Read On

  • Culinary Trivia 4  The term food is a wider one inclusive of different types of food items like ice creams, burgers, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, cookies, chips, macaroni, pizzas, pasta, noodles, breads and much more....Read On

  • Trivia Quiz for Science Junkies Ok, I admit it, I am a science junkie. I am not really smart enough to understand all of the stuff I read, but I still find it fascinating. It probably goes hand in hand with being a lover of science fiction. When you think about it though a lot of the latest science news reads like science fiction. Recently I have read about how scientists have successfully created a rudimentary invisibility cloaking device, mounted mini video cameras on beetles and can remote control their flight by putting electrodes in their brains, and that kind of thing. ...Read On

  • Useless Facts And Fun Trivia Questions And Answers: Just what it says -- quick and fun -- learn something useless now...Read On

  • Trivia Quiz - Medical and Medicine Trivia Quiz With Answers  Medical trivia I find is some of the more interesting trivia one encounters. Not only is it interesting, but can be quite helpful in certain situations. So here you go, a whole lot of medical and medicine trivia questions with the answers so you can gauge your knowledge of the world of Doctors, Medicine and Medical procedures. Now take the trivia quiz...Read On

  • Twenty World Trivia Questions  The world is steadily shrinking. It is time we started thinking globally. So let's begin by brushing up on our world trivia knowledge. I have put together about 20 questions with the answers for you to use. Find out how much world trivia your family and friends know....Read On

  • Texas Nuggets: Trivia Buff:  How much do you really know about the Lone Star state? If you think you are a true Texas trivia buff, check out these fun trivia facts and see how many you already knew. You might just be gain some knowledge that you can use to impress your friends and family!...Read On

  • Test Your Canine Acumen  15 multiple choice trivia questions about humankinds best friend the dog...Read On

  • Test Your Fancy Nancy Trivia The pint sized modern princess, Fancy Nancy, created by author Jane O'Connor, is a story book figure that has grown larger than life. The original book, 'Fancy Nancy' has blossomed into a series of story books, learn to read books and other Fancy Nancy gifts and merchandise such as dress up clothes, dolls, toys and room decor. How much do you know about Nancy? Check out our trivia and find out!...Read On

  • Golf Trivia Quiz: Who is Tiger Woods? I was scanning the headlines this morning and had planned on posting up a new trivia quiz today, but I had not decided on a topic. Well, after a few minutes I had my inspiration! Golf! Tiger Woods is all over the headlines, so I am making this quiz about golf trivia. Maybe my next trivia Quiz will be specific to Tiger Woods, we will have to wait and see. Fee free to use this trivia quiz for anything you want. Copy and paste it into your word processor and remove the answers for an ice-breaking event at parties or whatever. Without further delay here is a Golf Trivia Quiz dedicated to Tiger Woods....Read On

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Download Trivia Machine Game-----Test your Trivia skills! Put your knowledge of fascinating facts and interesting tidbits to the test with the Trivia Machine! Featuring thousands of crafty questions across 9 fun and educational categories, this mental challenge is sure to challenge and delight gamers of all ages. Plus, with the ability to download new questions, there's no end to the fun! Take on the Trivia Machine today!

Trivia Machine Reloaded----Trivia Machine Reloaded features thousands of trivia questions across nine fun categories including TV, Movies, and more. With questions ranging from easy to expert in each round, it is the perfect game for trivia players of all levels! You will use strategy and trivia knowledge to work your way up the trivia ladder so get ready to show what you know! Thousands of fun trivia questions! Multiple categories and difficulty levels, Exciting lightning rounds! Earn fun achievements

The 80's Game with Martha Quinn --- The 80's Game With Martha Quinn is a fantastically fun trivia trip back to the 80s, hosted by your favorite 80's VJ, Martha Quinn!