Today's Teaser

I rule over everything
I lay mountains low
I dethrone all kings
and kingdoms overthrow
I am measured
yet have no substance
I exist but can't be touched
I am everywhere yet I am nothing
you live by my standard day by day
can you find me?
What am I?

Today's Trivia

There are more volcanoes and earthquakes in the Pacific Rim region than anywhere else on earth. By what descriptive name is this disaster-prone area known?

1. The Bermuda Triangle
2. Earthquake Alley
3. The Hot Zone
4. Ring of Fire

Today's Featured Puzzle/Game

Word Square Puzzle #7

A word square is a special type of acrostic. It consists of a set of words written out in a square grid, such that the same words can be read both horizontally and vertically. The number of words, which is equal to the number of letters in each word, is known as the "order" of the square.
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Today's Online Game

Pyramid Quiz

A fun, fast-paced game show the whole family can enjoy. Can you reach the top of the pyramid? This game is for entertainment only. No cash prizes!
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Featured Game Download

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water - Collector's Edition

Bonus quest with over 15 locations to explore and extra puzzles to solve.
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