A Fun Zone's Brain Teaser #143

A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind; sometimes it also involves lateral thinking. Logic puzzles and riddles are specific types of brain teasers.
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Eight and five, last name and given,
We are one six six six even;
The first in cow, the last in oxen
Three in damsel, three in vixen.
What are we called?

One of five, I the only one,
One in cat, two in mitten,
Two are odd, five are even
Seven in all, one in seven.


The Solution

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Roman Numerals. The last name has eight letters [NUMERALS] while the first or given name has five [ROMAN]. Using each of the numerals once gives MDCLXVI, which is 1,666. C [which is found in Cow] is first of the seven in the alphabet while X [which is found in oXen] is last. Three of seven are found in DaMseL. Three are also found in VIXen. Explanation of the hint; I is the only one of five vowels among the seven Roman numerals. C is found in Cat, M and I in MItten. I and V are odd numbers. The rest are even numbers. There are seven Roman numerals. One of them is found in seVen [the V].