September 12th Trivia Solution

Trivia: The dictionary defines "trivia" as: Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. I like to call them, small facts that don't make or break your day. A new trivia question posted daily. See below....

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Name the queen of France, wife of King Louis XVI, who was executed during the French Revolution.

Correct answer:

  • Marie Antoinette

Incorrect answers:
  • Joan of Arc
  • Marie de Medici
  • Anne of Austria

Interesting Info:
  • The objective of her marriage to Louis XVI was to strengthen France's alliance with its long-time enemy, Austria. During the Revolution, she was brought with the king from Versailles to Paris (1789) and was seized at Varennes when the royal family attempted to escape (1791). She was convicted and beheaded two years later.

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