SAB Golf
Classic Arcade Action

Click on the letters of your name or handle and click on the PLAY FRONT-9 -or- PLAY BACK-9 button when all player's names have been entered. If you make a mistake click on the big white back arrow.
Click on the course to aim your shot. Select a club by clicking on either arrow of the lower left icon. Note where the 'ranging' circle is drawn, that is the distance that the club can Hit. Make sure you adjust your shot for the wind direction and the green slope, if putting. Click on the swing icon to take your shot.
If you need to refresh the screen, click in the upper left corner of the screen where the word, "Refresh" appears.
To start a NEW GAME, when the scorecard is shown, click on the NEW GAME button. This will go to the name entry screen and allow you to change the names and start again from the first hole.
-Click in the applet window above to get started.-

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