Maze and Pac Man Zone
Can you find your way out?

Maze: \Maze\ 1. A wild fancy; a confused notion. [Obs.] --Chaucer. 2. Confusion of thought; perplexity; uncertainty; state of bewilderment. 3. A confusing and baffling network, as of paths or passages; an intricacy; a labyrinth.  We at A Fun Zone will work with #3 above. Pacman: Pac-Man is often credited with being a landmark in video game history, and is among the most famous arcade games of all time. Many to choose from below. 
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Pacman Online Games
Play The Classic Here

PacMan - Pac-Man is a maze game.

King Jester - Like pacman but better.

Math PacMan - This is a pac man game with a twist. In this game you need to control the Math Man to eat all the ghosts.

Smiley Chomp - A Pacman-like game featuring everyone's favorite emoticon!

PacMan - Eat the dots and avoid the ghosts

Ladybug Maze - A new version of a great maze game.

Maze Games
Looking for the exit

Maze - Play randomly generated mazes in this online game. High Scoring!

Random Maze Generator - A new maze every time you reload the page. Classic maze layouts.

Mechanical Maze Madness - Navigate the mazes to beat the virus to the main computer system. Customizable maze game.

G Ball - Guide the ball thru the maze to the hole.

3D Maze - A maze in 3D.

Crazy Maze - Yes it is.

Maze Puzzle Games
These are not easy

Daily Maze Puzzles - Slither Link, Roundabouts, Gokigen

Rush Hour - Can you get the car out of the parking lot maze?

Maze A Pix - Discover the path from entrance to exit, paint it, and reveal a real hidden picture.

SODA PIPES - Don't break the pipe line.


PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor: The PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor is open for business! When Cathy's father loses his memory, it's up to her to run the family pizza parlor. Fortunately, PAC-MAN is on the job to lend a helping hand. Help PAC-MAN and Cathy serve hungry customers through tons of tasty treats and delicious dishes in PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor, a fun Time Management game. With dozens of cool unlockables and equipment, you can customize your kitchen to your tastes! Free Download



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