March 16th Trivia Solution
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How did St. Patrick, according to legend, make all the snakes disappear from Ireland?

Correct answer:

  • Pounding drums

Incorrect answers:
  • Killing them
  • Flooding the country
  • Burning the country

Interesting Info:
  • Accompanied by the furious rat-a-tatting of a big drum, St. Patrick arrived at the hill from which he was going to banish the reptiles. The people who had gathered to watch the spectacle cried out when the drum broke, because they believed St. Patrick's magic power wad dependent on it. A huge black snake slithered down the hill, laughing to see the saint so suddenly powerless. But just then an angel appeared and mended the drum. The drum was sounded and St. Patrick preached the sermon that drove the snakes and vermin from Ireland.

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