February 15th Trivia Solution

Trivia: The dictionary defines "trivia" as: Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. I like to call them, small facts that don't make or break your day. A new trivia question posted daily. See below....

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What was the name of the "secret police" created by the Tsar Ivan IV of Russia?

Correct answer:
  • Oprichniki

Incorrect answers:
  • KGB
  • Stazi
  • Kolechniki

Interesting Info:
  • An oprichnik (Russian: ????ยด????, IPA: Man aside; plural Oprichniki) was a member of an organization established by Tsar Ivan the Terrible to govern the division of Russia known as the Oprichnina (1565-1572). It is thought by some scholars that it was Ivan's second wife, the Tatar Maria Temryukovna who first gave the Tsar the idea of forming the organization. This theory comes from a German oprichnik, Heinirich von Staden. Her brother also became a leading oprichnik.