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Lucky Clover - In this challenging game you have to find 7 four-leaf clovers in the picture before the time runs out.

How Many Faces? - Look closely, How many can you find?

How Many Faces 2? - Look closely, How many can you find?

Find The Face - 1

How Many Holes? - 1

How Many Animals Do You See?

Which One Fits? - 1

Strange Math - 1

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Find It! - Be quick!

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World Mosaics Unravel the mysteries of a society that disappeared over a thousand years ago by solving the pictographic puzzles they left behind! Solve your way through 99 puzzles in seven exotic locations around the world in story mode, or tackle over 100 additional puzzles in extra puzzle mode! Each puzzle forms a unique mosiac that is only revealed once the puzzle is solved! Your quest begins in the shadow of the majestic Parthenon, but it just may take you around the world before you are through! Download for FREE!

What number should appear in the last orange spot?

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There are 15 Leprechaun's here !!!

Now there are 14!!! How come?