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You will love this these picture games. Just look at the two photos and click on the spots that are different. Find them all before the time runs out to move to the next level. Sample - What's Wrong with this Picture
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Lucky Clover
In this challenging game you have to find 7 four-leaf clovers in the picture before the time runs out.
Spot The Difference
, Christmas, Summer, Thanksgiving, Education
Find It!
Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt
Hidden Object Games
 Visual Brain Teasers Optical Illusion Zone The Utilities Puzzle

What number should appear in the last orange spot?

View Solution Here

There are 15 Leprechaun's here !!!

Now there are 14!!! How come?

Replace the letters with numbers. The Solution can be found Below!

Today's Brain Teaser Today's Trivia
Lies, Almost All Lies Here are ten numbered statements. How many of them are true? 
1 Exactly one of these statements is false. 
2 Exactly two of these statements are false. 
3 Exactly three of these statements are false. 
4 Exactly four of these statements are false. 
5 Exactly five of these statements are false. 
6 Exactly six of these statements are false. 
7 Exactly seven of these statements are false. 
8 Exactly eight of these statements are false. 
9 Exactly nine of these statements are false. 
10 Exactly ten of these statements are false.
Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

1. Corsica
2. France
3. Italy
4. Sardinia
I Find It Interesting Featured Game
The History Of Halloween Music
Some may debate whether Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash” or the beginning of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” was the first music to unequivocally be associated with Halloween, while other’s may insist that nothing truly scary made an impact on the national consciousness until the Starland Vocal Band released “Afternoon Delight”. No matter what you associate musically with Halloween, the songs...
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