August 27th Trivia Solution

Trivia: The dictionary defines "trivia" as: Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. I like to call them, small facts that don't make or break your day. A new trivia question posted daily. See below....

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Earl Morrall started at quarterback in Super Bowl III for the Baltimore Colts in their 16-7 upset loss to the New York Jets that rocked the football world. Although he eventually earned a Super Bowl ring with the Colts in Super Bowl V, what other team did Morrall earn a ring with?

Correct answer:

  • Miami Dolphins

Incorrect answers:
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • St. Louis Rams

Interesting Info:
  • He backed up Bob Griese during the Dolphins' victory over the Redskins in Super Bowl VII after starting 9 games in the regular season and 2 more in the playoffs.

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