Top 3 Nintendo Games Of All Time
by Heather P. Knight

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Super Mario Bros. Download Here

It was the original plat former. It shipped with many newly purchased Nintendo systems, and became synonymous with the company itself. The game introduced one of video gaming most prolific characters. A Mustachioed plumber by the name of Mario, who remains on of the video game industry's most popular icons, even twenty years after his conception.

The Games difficulty level required players to toil for hours in order to save a princess, who always seemed to be in another castle, and battle giant, spike shell turtle dinosaurs who could breath fire and throw hammers. Even when frustration would mount for players, the stress relief of smashing evil looking mushrooms, and kicking turtle shell across the screen never failed to provide enough fun to keep players plugging along.

The Legend of Zelda Download Here

In 1987 Nintendo launched what would become one of its most successful, and revered franchises. The Legend of Zelda series was the true forefather of the graphical RPG. Without Zelda there is no Final Fantasy, and there is no World of Warcraft. It's top down action RPG style enthralled millions of players and the game series built a reputation for excitement, and excellence.

In the days before a game guides sat on every shelf, or a website with hints was just a click away, the avid Zelda players were drawing their own maps, making notes, and rabidly calling the Nintendo hotline, in order to find every treasure that this gem of a game had to offer.

Super Mario Bros 3 Download Here

Yes that plumber named Mario makes two appearances within the top three. Super Mario Bros 3 took everything good about the original, and made it better. It featured a world map where you could select your zone, areas to obtain special power ups to help your through the stages, and not to mention that Mario first learned to fly in this installment of the series.

With cleaner Graphics, sharper game play, and a real story to follow, Super Mario Bro 3 was one of Nintendo's crowning achievements, and has become a truly timeless game. Even in the era of 3D, shoot-em up, high-def graphics, plugging in an old cartridge of Super Mario Bros 3 can still draw a crowd, and provide endless house of entertainment. 

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