The Scariest Places in the United States of America
by Psychic

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Have you ever asked yourself where the scariest places in America are? There are literally thousands of them and here are just a few to entice you. Visiting these places may cause you to become a believer in ghosts if you are not already one. 

The first place is The Jamestown Bridge located in Piedmont, Triad North Carolina. This bridge is said to be haunted because at night many tourists and visitors have claimed that they would pick up a little girl who was looking for a ride on the side of the road. When they picked her up, everything would be going fine and then all of a sudden when they look over at her again, she is gone. Many ghost hunters find this spot to be intriguing because it leaves so much to the imagination. It is said that this girl wears a white dress and can be seen at night.

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The second place that I would like to bring forward is called the Huntingdon College located in Montgomery, Alabama. This place will “knock the socks of you.” It is said that a lady ghost roams the city here. Here name has been called “The Red Lady of Pratt.” The legend says that the red lady was a lonely, quiet and unpopular student. She often tried to make friends and she was unable to. The more that she tried to make friends, the harder it became for her to make them. The students would often make fun of her because she only wore the color red. She found no hope to her situation and eventually she hung herself in her room. The Red Lady of Pratt is often seen when students are picking on other kids. She has been seen to appear in and through walls. Some students have even experienced a gust of air comes through the rooms in the middle of the night. What makes this place even more shocking is that it has a second ghost that roams around in the middle of the night. His name is called, “Ghost on The Green.” This ghost is said to haunt the campus because he once dated a girl here and she broke up with him because he was too clingy. He could not take the rejection and so he shot himself in the head. Several days later, the campus returned back to normal. Some students claim that they now see him walking the green. Many students that walk the green at night claim that he often messes up their hair, blows in their ear or even tugging on their clothes. This indeed is a haunted place that you do not want to miss out on.

The third most haunted place in America is Dudleytown, New England Connecticut. Did you know that you are not allowed to enter Dudleytown and if you are caught trying to enter it, you will be arrested for trespassing and given a $75.00 fine or more? This place is said to have ghosts, hauntings and spirits swarming around. People that have seen Dudleytown claim that the birds are silent here and you get a spooky feeling here. The story of Dudleytown actually begins in England. Edmund Dudley was said to be beheaded for trying to overthrow King Henry the VIII. It is said that a curse was place on the Dudley’s for their treason. The curse states that all descendents of Edmund Dudley would face horrors for all eternity. The son of Edmund Dudley also tried to 
Overthrow the crown. John Dudley’s third son Robert, Earl left England to avoid loosing his own head. The Dudley’s settled in what is now called Dudley town. You may be able to catch pictures of Dudleytown from ghost hunters. However, this place is not allowed to be trespassed and you may be surprised that many people have not ever heard of or seen this place.


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These are some of the most haunted placed in America. I hope that you enjoy reading about them because it will actually give you a chill up your spine. Many people throughout the world will tell you that these places are chilling to visit and often cause you to believe that ghosts do really exist. 

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