Superbowl Advertising 
by Groshan Fabiola 

Every year in the ad industry, there is always buzz around the Super Bowl. Next to the Oscars, it is the most popular commercial spot to purchase because only a fraction (under 2%) of people will record the event to watch later. In general, everyone sees it live and does not skip commercials as they actually look forward to seeing them! It is actually the only reason my wife will watch the Super Bowl. One of the major problems we have seen is that most companies want to get really clever with their ad, sometimes to the demise of the actual branding they would normally experience with a traditional, informative commercial. 
The thing that I have never understood is the lack of online “support” these advertisers plan for online. They spend $2.5 million on a commercial spot, but have almost zero visibility when it comes to relaying that message online. Let me give you an example:

1. John Fan is sitting on his couch. It’s the 4th quarter, 1 minute 30 seconds left, score is tied 21/21. The Pats call a time out.

2. Commercial time! Toyota has a commercial for the new oxygen-fueled SUV. It shows 4 girls in bikinis, driving down coast highway with a little tag line at the end of stating “you think it looks good. That’s nothing, it is fueled by oxygen.” and ends with a site promo: “Come to” too learn more.

3. John Fan thinks “holy $h^t” I have to learn more about this, but I better wait until the game is over.

4. The game comes back on, the patriots miss a 22 yard field goal and the Giants win in overtime on a kick off return.

5. John Fan is devastated. After awaking from drunken nap, he goes to his computer to read more about that cool oxygen-fueled SUV.

6. He forgets the website URL. No problem, he thinks, Google will find it.
7. Types in ‘New Toyota’

8. Results for Camry’s pop up everywhere.

9. He types in ‘Oxygen Fueled SUV’.

10. Green-themed websites pop up everywhere.

11. He gets bored, turns off his monitor, and takes a nap.

12. Toyota just lost John Fan.

The pathetic part is that if Toyota would have spent a lousy $10-$20k to backup their $2.5 million dollar Super Bowl ad, it would have made it so much more effective.
Super Bowl advertisers! There is still time to optimize your ad dollars…give your local search marketing firm a call. 

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