"Plants vs. Zombies": A Scorching Tower Defense
by GameHouse

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One of the oldest video game genres is tower defense. It's also one of the simplest game types. Basically a strategy game, this genre involves making sure that a specific location is protected from enemy attacks. A couple examples of this type of game are "Crystal Defenders", a product of the collaboration of Square-Enix and Namco, and "Defense of the Ancients". However, last year, the most popular tower defense game so far, was released. Who among you haven't heard the title, "Plants vs. Zombies"?
Everything Plants Vs. Zombies
What "Plants vs. Zombies" offers audience is basically the same as other games of this genre. It has a similar gameplay, and the options and resources available should be familiar to veteran players of the tower defense genre. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that it fails to bring something new to the table. For one, it eliminates the usually complicated mazes and juggling. Players are also allowed to customize options at certain points, which is the most appealing.

What makes it an excellent tower defense game is the perfect combination of simplicity and strategy. The core of the game is simple; you grow plant, place the plant to block the zombie, rinse and repeat. The pieces that can be places are rather common for the genre. However, because of the wide variety of options to choose from and the "cutesy" looks of the plants, the game has its own unique draw. The quality of the design is obviously cute, but it also has starkness to it, especially when a pea-shooting plant takes a bran-eating undead swarm down. The graphic is both delightful and gruesome, which can be very satisfying to the players.

One of the things that lure in players even at first sight is the design of the plants. Each plant shows its own "personality" through the design. Take for instance the sturdy, stubborn gaze of the Tall-nut plant and how it cries, and the subtle humor of the Squash and its basic function of "squashing" zombies. The humor and personality of the game definitely add color to the game.

"Plants vs. Zombies" may not appeal to everyone, especially to the hardcore strategy gamers who are hungry for more horrified and morbid graphics. But then again, you shouldn't wonder why this "cutesy" game made it big.

Similar to most of the tower defense archetypes, "Plants vs. Zombies" is indeed a game specially made for casual gamers. True that it has a lot more options that your regular game, but at the end o f the day, this is not the type which hardcore strategy players will want to pass their tim. "StarCraft II" may be, but not this. Ultimately, zombies are what they are and their design makes them just as charming as the plants. They are cute when they should not be. As a result, this could turn out to be a big disappointment for some individuals who want an over-the-top representation of the cumbersome and gruesome zombies. But then again, some like their game light, fun and quirky -- and for them "Plants vs Zombies" is awesome as it is. 

A lot of kids are getting addicted to "Plants vs Zombies". They spend hours on end playing the strategy game. It can be interesting to them, however, their gaming hours must still be monitored by their parents to ensure that they have time for the more important things, like their homework, for instance.

"Plants vs Zombies" is one of the more popular games today that appeals to a mass audience. Players of all ages enjoy playing this simple strategy game that offers a simplistic yet unique approach to gaming. 
Everything Plants Vs. Zombies
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