Happy Thanksgiving Day Games
by Jane Brown

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"I ate too much turkey, I ate too much corn, I ate too much pudding and pie, I'm stuffed up with muffins", can you remember your last Thanksgiving day party. Delicious roast turkey and yummy pumpkin pie, do you love to eat them? Wow, it is the holiday to enjoy them again. Every year, people are very busy to celebrate this joyous family festival on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving at first is to celebrate the harvest of the year. While today, people celebrate it as a day to give thanks and say their love.

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What do you know about Thanksgiving Day? Do you want to know something more? OK, follow me, you can find great surprise! Here you can enjoy your Thanksgiving games feast and learn more knowledge about it. Every year people get together on Thanksgiving Day to convey thanks to families and friends for their love and support. Thanksgiving Day Party is the most funny activity. This is your turn to show your fashion. Do not worry! Thanksgiving Dress up games can help you find the faddish style. Various dresses, stylish shoes, glitzy earring, fine necklace, nice head wear and pretty accessories, all these can be found in games. You can design many kinds of stylish and charming pose. Meanwhile, these games can give you some advice to join the Thanksgiving Day party. You can choose the most suitable pose for you. You will get great surprise in your party!

Family dinner party is the most important activity. Great dinner is necessary. Beyond all question, roast turkey is the ultimate star on the Thanksgiving dinner table. but do you know how to roast it? Turkey cooking games will help you to become a great chef. The preparation of ingredients and cooking process are in detail. You can cook it by following the providing hints. In your daily life, maybe you have no this experience, but you can do it and become a great chef. Besides, there are many Thanksgiving Day dishes. You can learn the basic cooking process. It is so terrific!

Roast turkey is ready. Now, let's decorate the table! Pretty tablecloth can bring you good mood. Choose a good-looking one to spread the table. Put yummy cakes, tempting roast turkey and fresh fruit on the table. Then select your favorite drinks, fruit juice, wine and liquor. Lay knife and fork on the table. Then a hearty Thanksgiving Day dinner is beginning. Families can have a chance to convey the love to each other. This is what you do not do in your daily life. By playing this kind of games, do you want to help your families? From these games, you can learn some housework and know how hard your parents are. So you should understand your parents and help them do what you can do. This is the purpose of games.

Poor turkey becomes people's delicious dish on Thanksgiving Day. It is the leading role. You must dress it up, and design a charming pose for her. Various pretty and stylish dresses are contained in games. There are also some beautiful accessories for you to choose. Besides, coloring games can bring you much fun. These games can train your sense of color and fashion.

Funny Thanksgiving games can bring you much fun and teach you to do something. Come to the game paradise, you can have a special and memorable Thanksgiving Day! Have fun!






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