Beginner's Guide to Tarot Cards
by Michelle Walter

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As more and more people search for a deeper meaning to their lives, Tarot cards have become a very popular tool. Here is a brief outline of the history of Tarot cards from Michelle Walter.
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The Tarot cards can be understood as symbolic keys to the mystery of life. The Tarot cards are gateways to our sub-conscious mind, bringing forth hidden knowledge into the open. Each of the 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, are replete with inner secrets.

The word "Arcane" which means mysteries or hidden secrets is the source of the name "Arcana". Each individual Tarot card has links to the wisdom of ancient civilisations, the Egyptian Book of Thoth, and the Jewish Kabbalah, which like the Major Arcana also has 22 symbols.

Mystery, however, shrouds the historical origins of the Tarot cards. We do know that the Tarot cards embody many shared truths and over the centuries have evolved in different ways as people of used them in their quest to understand life. From a strictly historical viewpoint, the first Tarot deck was the Marseille deck, used in Paris in 1393 during the reign of Charles VI.

When we compare Tarot cards with Astrology, Runes and the I Ching it does not seem to have a very long history. Astrology and the I Ching for example go back to pre-historic times. The widely held belief is that Tarot cards were used for a long time in secret before there was any recorded use. We do know that for many years they were actually banned from use in a number of European countries.

The gist to reading Tarot cards is to understand that they are not a group of preconceived meanings to be memorised. The symbols of the Tarot cards are a medium through which we can communicate with each other, exploring intuitions and insights. The aim is to develop a bond with the cards immersing oneself in to the lineage of meaning contained with the Tarot cards.

Using your intuition is the supremely intelligent way to read the Tarot. When you do this then guessing or trying to remember meanings are eliminated. In fact, you are developing your own personal power by strengthening your communication skills with your subconscious mind.

If you have a set of Tarot cards, try this simple intuition exercise, to begin the process of learning to read the Tarot cards ..

* Firstly, separate out the major arcana cards from the minor arcana. Hold the Tarot cards between your hands while you relax and breathe in and out at least three times. Each time you breathe out, feel yourself relaxing down into a more receptive state of consciousness.
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* Focus now on the question you are wanting the Tarot to give you guidance.

* Shuffle the Tarot cards in a relaxed way. Put the Tarot deck face down and just once cut the cards. Put the bottom pile on the top and just turn one card.

* Take a few moments to meditate on the Tarot card. What are your first impressions? Write these down in a journal. Try not to analyze or filter what you feel or see in this tarot card - it may be a colour, a face, or something in the background which stands out to you. Your first impression of this tarot card may be a saying that comes to you or an understanding about life. It doesn't have to be a definite conclusion about meaning because often our first impressions are quite vague.

*Do this ever day for at least a week. It will interesting what you discover for yourself. 

Michelle Walter is a gifted tarot card reader. Her vast experience in psychic work, coupled with her background in psychology. Michelle offers guidance and support, especially in very difficult emotional situations and heartbreaks. To find more by Michelle, and to find out how she can help you in your relationship. 

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