Be Halloween Ready
by Torri Myler

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Halloween is just around the corner, so unless you plan on being the mean neighbor who plans to turn off all the lights, hide in the house and quietly pretend you're out, you'd better start getting ready for it. Carved pumpkins and spider webs are a must, but what you really need to take care of is all the trick-or-treaters that will come out on this magical night.

If you plan on taking your kids out for a tour around the neighborhood, the most important thing you'll need is of course a container for all the treats. Make sure it's ether a reusable pumpkin-shaped bucket or an eco bag you can decorate with some leaves picked off the ground the same day or wit a fake spider web. Since all the candy will be in individual wrappers, the least you can do is make sure the sweets are collected into an environment friendly bag. If you let your child have some candy on the way from one house to the other, make sure you have a small bag or deep pockets for the wrappers that will come off.

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It's a given that your trick-or-treating child will be dressed up in some kind of costume, and most likely you won't feel the need to wear one. But don't spoil the fun and put an effort into how you look. It doesn't mean you're to wear one of your couture dresses or a three piece suit and tie, but that you're supposed to add a touch of fun to your outfit. May it be a witch's hat or a pirate's, a wizard's cape or a clown's hair, wear it and have fun with it for you and for your child. And if you do get completely into the spirit of Halloween and dress up head to toe, make sure that when you knock on somebody's door you stand a few steps back as to not overshadow the little ones.

No matter if you go out trick-or treating or if you stay home, at one point or another you
'll be the one that answers the door. It's best if you do it not only wearing something slightly scary, but also if the atmosphere around you is not typical, so put on a mask and fill the sweets bowl with fake eyeballs, stand up a plastic skeleton in the hallway, dim the lights or put some candles on ad of course remember about the most important thing, sweets.

For a lot of parents a healthy and balanced diet is very important, but one this one night it's okay to let the kids have some candy, so don't try to sneak in small boxes of raisins or dried apple chips into anybody's goodie bag. As far as being health conscious you should just make sure you have some peanut free candy, maybe some sweets without gluten and a small selection of fat or sugar free treats. And as for yourself, make yourself a snack that will keep you away from the candy dish but won't get cold when you have to open the door every minute, so make popcorn with parmesan, pita bread with turkey and avocado, pretzels with a mustard dip or chips and salsa, sit back and wait for the first doorbell. 

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