Click on any of the blocks to be removed so that the falling ones can connect to form groups with as many blocks of the same kind as possible and obtain the highest score attainable.

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How to play: Any block you click on will disappear and the one right above it will fall. Adjacent non-moving blocks of the same kind disappear and your score increases. You can proceed to the next level once you are done getting the required amount of points. There will gradually be a wider variety of blocks and you will have to get more and more groups to continue. The completion of the level currently being played is shown in your row of coins.
During the game you need to keep an eye on the Status Bar. It will get larger each time you click on a box but fail to connect alike blocks. It will also decrease in size as you connect alike blocks. If the Status Bar reaches its top position where there are no more clicks left then your last chance might be the Lucky 7





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