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Which of the following sentences given below means approximately the same as the proverb: "Don't count your chickens until they are hatched?"

1."Some eggs have double yolks, so you can't really count eggs and chickens."
2."You can't walk around the henhouse to count the eggs because it will disturb the hens and they won't lay eggs"
3."It is not really sensible to rely on something that has not yet happened and may not ever happen"
4."Since eggs break so easily, you may not be accurate in your count of future chickens."
A primitive group of hoofed mammals, the Mesonychids, gave rise to a present-day group of marine mammals. What modern-day animals did the Mesonychids evolve into?

1. Whales
2. Polar bears
3. Seals
4. Otters
I Find It Interesting Featured Game
Valentine's Day
Valentines day is just around the corner. It is a day that couples show there loves for one another either through words, actions or gifts. The typical gift that is given on this special occasion is chocolates, perfume or flowers. This may be amusing to some woman but why not change things a bit this Valentines Day. Why not give her.......
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Valentine's Gift
Make the best gift - the Valentine's Gift! Love is in the air as you dip into a romantic world of gifts, treasures, adventures and unbelievable puzzles! Explore 4 special game modes, each with its own addictive qualities. Let the wonderfully dreamy theme and music sweep you away as you find all your Valentine Gifts today!
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Valentine's Day Games and Puzzles
Here you will find games and puzzles with a Valentines Day theme. Green Games, Trivia, Brain Teasers, Puzzles, free downloads and so much more....Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day is often referred to as St. Valentine's Day. It is a day to tell people you love them and exchange Valentine's cards. Many fun actives can be found below.

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